Amendment Contract

EPSCO - Egyptian Petroleum Services Company Amendment Contract.

Reference to Article no (3) of the internal policy for Egyptian petroleum services Company (EPSCO), General Authority for investment (GAFI) has ratified an amendment to the aforementioned Article in accordance to the minutes of meeting for the unusual General assembly meeting dated 31/03/2016 and has been ratified in accordance to the minutes ratification no (r/1748) for year 2016 dated 17/08/2016 from investment registration office. 
Egyptian petroleum Company (EPSCO) is a shared Egyptian company (SAE) providing support services to all petroleum sector companies with commercial registration no (310351) dated 17/12/1997. 
In accordance with company vision to –expand the scope of business and to increase the market share, this matter has been demonstrated to the Unusual Assembly Meeting dated 31/03/2016 and they unanimity consensus approved the proposed changes to article no. (3) Of the internal policy to be as follows:-

Amended Article (3) - Company Purpose is to:-


1. Provide all support services for exploration, drilling, Gas transmission and distribution.

2. Provide all support services for oil companies, oil refining and gas processing facilities and providing base oil (SN150) and (SN500) to all Countries through EGPC as well as marketing and maintenance works.

3. Provide Oil transport services and its equipment.

4. Providing qualified labors for all oil & gas companies with necessary instruments, equipment and training centers to qualify labors.

5. Providing cleaning services necessary for all petroleum sector companies and its fields and facilities.

6. Providing labor transportation for all petroleum sector companies & gas companies and its fields.

7. Operate and manage petrol stations, car services and petroleum products distribution.

8. Providing instruments, equipment, and technical & logistics services for all petroleum companies and its facilities and fields and gas companies.

9. Import all whatsoever necessary for company purposes.

10. Company has the authorization to provide (LTO) lease to own activities in accordance to low No (95) for year 1995.

11. Company is authorized to operate and manage Heliport and landing areas and any other support activities for oil and gas fields and other activities.

12. Providing catering services for all petroleum sector companies and their employees in their different locations and fields.

13. Providing potable and saline water transport services for all oil and gas fields.

14. Providing all travel services.

15. Providing vehicles services and maintenance.

16. Providing all supporting services for all petroleum sector companies for its facilities and fields.

17. Providing supplementary and maintenance works for buildings.

18. Trade and distribution for building materials.

19. Providing environment protection and pest control services.

20. Providing household goods trading.


(Subject to the provisions of law and its valid executive regulations provided the issuance of the necessary licenses to practice these activities). 
Also, Company is permitted to have interest or to share howsoever with any other organizations, companies and others that performing similar activities or providing support services to achieve its purpose in Egypt or abroad. 
Company is also permitted to merge or acquire with any of the aforementioned organizations in accordance with the law and its executive regulations).