Epsco School Supplies Exhibition

Opening of the exhibition of Epsco School Supplies on 2/9/2019 in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Mostafa, Chairman and Managing Director of Epsco School Supplies Exhibition in the exhibition grounds of the company Epsco next to the hospital one day in the sixth district. M . Nasr is accompanied by Mr. Tarek El Badry, Assistant President of the Company for Administrative Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Youssef El Garnafly, Assistant President of the Company for Financial Affairs, Captain Nihad Shehata, General Manager of External Relations, Trade and Media, and Mr. Tharwat Saqr, Acting of the Trade Union Committee.

Captain Walid Talaat Mousa, Iman El Sayed El Fashawy, Mahmoud Abdullah, Mohamed Gamal El Din El Kady, Walaa Ali Ahmed, Sayed Abdel Aal and Atef Abdel Moneim.

Mr. Tarek El-Badry, assistant head of the company for administrative affairs, added that this exhibition was dedicated to the employees of different sector companies, and that all school supplies were provided for all ages and educational stages.

This is the first exhibition for Epsco for school supplies, in the interest of Mr. Mohamed Mustafa, the company's chairman in alleviating the financial burden of the employees of the main center and external sites as well as for the petroleum sector, wishing all the sons of the employees a distinguished academic year full of excellence and success.