In his interview with Petroleum Today

In his interview with Petroleum Today
Accountant Mohamed Mostafa, EPSCO’s chairman;
“We have got many international quality certificates and present our services to more than 88 companies with revenues of approximately 3 billion Pounds”

At the beginning, we want to know about the history of the Company’s foundation, the services it presents to petroleum sector and its most prominent clients.
The Egyptian Petroleum Services Company “EPSCO”, S.A.E, was established according to the provisions of law No.159 for 1981 for joint stock companies at the commercial registration on December 17, 1997.
The Company presents supporting services, equipment and devices for discovering, excavation, maintenance, production, refinery and marketing processes and transporting petroleum materials in addition to providing technical and non-technical labor that are necessary to its facilities and sites.
The Company has many international quality certificates. We would like to clarify these certificates, how they were gotten and their importance?
Last year, in October 2018, the Company got ISO certificates. They were:

ISO 22000.2005 – ISO 9001.2005 – ISO 14001.2015 = OHSAS 18001. 2007. This came after organizing document cycle in the Company as well as approving documents and models and modifying organizing structures to cope with works attributed to the Company as well as communication, continuous awareness for the existing labor at sites and coordination with sister companies that our labor is affiliated to through unified contract to provide means of security, inspecting warehouses, ensuring food safety and protecting environment and professional health and safety.
ISO certificate in the field of comprehensive quality, ISO 9001.2005
ISO 9001 is one of the certificates of the International Standards Organization. This certificate includes what should the quality system be at companies, which field of work is production or services, which lead to the continuity and stability of the quality of the facilities products and services, and therefore their clients’ satisfaction and raise the staff’s belongingness and increase their awareness towards quality.
ISO certificate in the field of quality for food safety, ISO 22000.2005
It means the food safety administration system. ISO 22000 is used by any firm within a chain of nutritional safety. The standard incorporates with the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) through audible and measurable certificates.
ISO certificate in the field of environmental safety, ISO 14001.2015
The international standardization 14001 is the most famous specification globally for the system of environmental administration as this specification determines the optimal way to develop a system of effective environmental management. It was developed to help institutions for sustaining their commercial success taking preservation of the environment into account.
ISO certificate in the field of quality and professional safety and health, ISO 18001.2007
It helps the institutions to apply all policies, controls and procedures that it needs to ensure the best practices in the work environment as to be compatible with international standards.
ISO certificate for traffic safety at roads ISO 39001.2012
It is an application of the standard of traffic safety at roads. It is an international and European standard designed to help companies and authorities that have vehicles for personnel transporting or logistic transportation. The certificate represents the comprehensive standard to apply the best practices for the risk management of roads and traffic safety and reduce fatal accidents and serious injuries

Achieving success is not an easy issue, and keeping on this success is the real challenge that requires taking all efforts of the Company’s sincere personnel and maximizing the values pf joint and cooperation. This will lead to meet the clients’ needs and reach their complete satisfaction. Such procedures and commitments keeps the continuation and determination of ISO certificates that the Company get.
May we know the Company’s volume of work and its profits within 2019?
The Company has provided its services to (88) companies of those in petroleum sector (The
Corporation) including 3 holding companies, 9 public sector companies, 39 joint sector
companies, 33 investing sector companies (foreigner), in addition to external personnel with a
total of the revenues for businesses that reached L.E. billion (2,937) for the year 2018 compared to
L.E. billion 12,022 at 2017. Financial indexes are clear for the shares equity from distributing
profits. They were 100% for 2018 compared to 60% in 2017. The interest rate for ownership
property were 48.3% in 2018 compared to 30.2% in 2017. The average of working capital
circulation was 20 times in 2018 compared to 19.3 times in 2017. The rate on invested money was
14% in 2018 compared to 8.3$ in 2017.
How many personnel in EPSCO and what are the ways of raising their professional performance and promoting the human element?
The total of the staff is 1673 compared to 16845 workers in 2017. They are stated as below:
● Total of the staff in the main office is 1135 in 2018 workers compared to 1166 in 2017.
● Total of the staff in offsite locations is 15568 workers in 2018 compared to 15679 in 2017.
We have modernized and completed the job hierarchy and approving it from the competent body to be compatible with the Company’s future vision.
What for applying policies and standards of professional safety and health?
We always seek to develop EPSCO, modernize the work system, increase performance to achieve hopeful objectives and create a safe work environment free from human and physical losses. This would be through developing and modernizing the system of extinguishing and firefighting at the Company and maintaining properties and the Company’s assets. Upon the directives of His Excellency Engineer Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, regarding the importance of coordination among the companies per each geographical site in the field of professional safety and health and protecting the environment, and by close cooperation with General Petroleum Company and EPSCO given that EPSCO participates in one geographical site and constant coordination in readiness for emergencies and encountering crises.
Does the Company carries out a social role to serve the society?
The Company’s executive management does not waiver to give a hand according to what is licensed by the Company’s general assembly. EPSCO has contributed by donating to medical centers to personnel in petroleum within 2019, in addition to community services according to the Company’s geographical site.
Tell us about the extensive plans and is the Company regarding to create services to present it to petroleum sector?
When EPSCO was founded, about more than twenty years ago, it has been enhancing its resources on its own to fulfil its commitments without any burdens on the sector or the companies it deal with.
As the Company’s executive management believes the Company’s cognizant of responsibility it assumes to go on with the continuation of the Company to provide its several services, as it is a pure national Egyptian Company, to develop its resources and activate many businesses included in its statutory, particularly those related to supportive services for processes of research and discovery as well as providing supportive petroleum services to produce and refine petroleum and all what is related to marketing and works of maintenance. This revealed by enrollment in new businesses that the Company has not practiced before by engagement in partnerships and understandings with sister and competent companies.
Developing the Company staff’s skills, presenting efforts and preparing financial studies.
Developing the Company’s resources and non-dependence on certain businesses.
We cannot fail to refer to the support and upholding we receive by His Excellency, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources as well as the corporation executive chairman of Egyptian Petroleum Company and his assistance, and also the colleagues at the sector companies to utilize from all potentials available at the sector to achieve integration among them, which effect has appeared clearly at the results of the Company’s works.
Thus, we hope an increase at the work volume within the coming period, if Allah Wills.