The Egyptian Company for Petroleum Services (EPSCO) obtained four ISO certificates for one payment during October 2018


The Egyptian Company for Petroleum Services (IPSCO) received four certificates of ISO one payment during October 2018 in total quality, occupational safety and health, food safety, safety and environmental protection. The ceremony, which was held under the auspices of Engineer Tarek Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Eng. Abed Ezzalragal, Chief Executive Officer of the Petroleum Authority, Eng. Mohamed Azim, President of South Valley Petroleum Holding and Eng. Nabil Salah, Vice President of the Authority for Production, Mr. Hamdi Abdulaziz, Media Spokesperson of the Ministry of Petroleum, Dr. Hisham Lotfi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Amir Wens, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Major General Amr Al Sherbini, Director of Security of the Petroleum Authority, Chairman of Sina Petroleum Services Company, former accountant Ashraf Abdullah, Deputy Chairman of the Authority for Financial Affairs, Advisor Yahia Al-Roubi, Deputy Chairman of the Authority for Legal and Legal Affairs Ayman Hijazi, Deputy Legal Officer, Egyas, Tour Osama Farouk, Vice President of the Commission for Exploration, Maji Abbas, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Security, Major General Osama al-Gindi, Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Petroleum, and attended by the heads of companies, Dr. Alaa Al-Batal, Chairman of Badr Company Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Medical Center, Dr. Jamal Al-Qurashiish, President of Assiut Oil Refining Company, Major General Akram Badawi, President of Sinai Petroleum Services Company, Eng. Khaled Mawafi, Chairman of Khaleda & Company DS Jalal Suleiman, president Petrospot Accountant Niazi Al-Najjar, Assistant President of PetroSport for Financial Affairs, Eng. Tarek Yahya, President of Paris Oasis, Dr. Yasser Fakhreddine, Managing Director of Egyptco, Dr. Yasser Serry, Assistant to the President of Petrobal for Administrative Affairs, Counselor Majdi Al-Ajati, former Minister of Majlis Affairs, Major Majdi Chenishan, Board of Directors and Eng. Mohamed Taha Al-Salanti, Operations Manager, Gapukma Company The ceremony was attended by Mr. Mohamed Jubran, President of the General Union of Petroleum Workers Eng. Mohamed Ali, Director General of Engineering Affairs and supervisor of occupational safety and health, said that the ISO certificates obtained by IPSCO are the first since the establishment of the company and Dr. Dalia Abdel Azim, Director General of Quality Control said that the certificates are ISO 18000/9001/14001/22000. Professional, Food Safety, Safety and Environmental Protection, and Ahmed Ali, President of JAPCO