Via Sada El Balad

Egyptian Petroleum Services Company wins contract of 12 caravans of 4 million Egyptian pounds

Epsco won a supply contract of 10 caravans to international petroleum company and 2 caravans for El Wastany petroleum with a sum of 4 million Egyptian pounds.

By care and support of Mr Enginear / Tarek El molla minister of petroleum and mineral resources and by the good leader ship of Mr accountant/Mohamed Moustafa chairman of Epsco to get new activities to activate and maximize business.

Epsco considers accomplishing these works by a high level of accuracy and quality.

Epsco recently managed to register in Egyptian federation of construction and building and took the Category 7 card of the Union.

On the other hand Epsco was reiterated in contracting field and has permitted to work in digging backfilling and constructing concrete, bulding and supplying.