Our Services

Ensuring the highest standard of quality and safety complying with all regulations

Support Services for exploration

Support Services

EPSCO provides petroleum services supporting the exploration, drilling, production and refining of petroleum

Technical and Nontechnical services

Technical Services

EPSCO provided the The service was provided by 15829 employees to 46 companies

Potable/Drilling water transfer

Potable/Drilling water transfer

EPSCO provided The service was provided to (6) joint-sector companies with a total volume of LE 12.8 million.

Crude oil transfer

Crude oil transfer

EPSCO provided the service was provided to (7) companies of the joint sector with a total volume of work amounted to (25.4) million

Vehicles rent and Labor Transportation


EPSCO providedThe service was provided to 12 companies

Traveling services

Traveling services

EPSCO providedThe service was provided to 19 companies in the sector

General Trading and Supplies

General Trading

EPSCO provided the services to (16 companies) (3 holding companies / 9 joint-stock companies / the Authority / 3 investment sector companies)

Environment protection & pest control

Environment protection

EPSCO provided This service was provided to (6) companies

Engineering works and architectural finishes

Engineering works

EPSCO provided this service to 3 companies in the joint sector in addition to providing this service to other third parties and the total volume of business (2.3) million pounds

Catering services

Catering services

EPSCO provided This service has been provided to 8 companies

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